Our CEO Wins CAA Award

14th July 2016

A huge congratulationRichard CAA Awards to our CEO and owner of Air Safaris, Richard Rayward, for his recent award from the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority for his contributions to aviation safety in New Zealand.

The directors (of Civil Aviation) individual award, is awarded yearly to acknowledge those who have made a substantial difference to aviation safety. Richard has been recognised for actions that have been responsible for increasing safety awareness and giving excellent examples for others to follow.

The award was presented to Richard at the Aviation Leadership Summit held in late June in Wellington. As per the usual Richard style, he was not able to attend in person as he was climbing mountains in Europe with his wife and friends as he was not aware of having won the award until he was overseas.

A big congratulations to Richard again, from his staff and family as a real role model and contribution to all things aviation in New Zealand over his long and interesting career.

Come and visit us soon for a spectacular flight around our stunning backyard, a flight Richard has developed over his many years flying around the Mt Cook and Westland National Park areas. You never know, you may even have the honor of having Richard as your pilot!