Aerial Photography & Filming

A56Q0385 copyAir Safaris helicopters and fixed wing aircraft can offer premium views for almost any film or aerial photography job. A number of our pilots have considerable experience in this area.

Our location is perfect to access some of New Zealand’s best scenery and with experience and local knowledge we can advise you how to get exactly the shots you are after.

Our Airvan GA8 aircraft provide an exceptional platform for aerial photography providing a large clear unobstructed view and extremely low vibration. Many of our photographers comment on just how smooth the Airvan’s are for film work.  We can also use our Bell206 where a helicopter offers a better solution or photography from that special hard to get to location.

Your Safety is our biggest concern and we can provide either doors on or doors off operation in both helicopter and fixed wing.

Previous Aerial Film & Photographic Work:Aerial photographer#1

  • Feature Films.
  • Magazine Photography.
  • Web.
  • Television.
  • News.
  • Professional Photography.
  • Newspapers.

Contact our pilots and have an informed talk about the best way we can get your shot(s).

Some conditions apply. Previous aerial door off experience preferred.