Lake Tekapo Airport

DSC_6019 copyThe Lake Tekapo Airport is privately operated by Air Safaris and we welcome pilots to use the airport.

We do ask though that you contact us before your arrival and get a briefing on the airfield and its operations from a company pilot current with the area.

For any commercial flight operations that involve the airfield we ask that you contact us before any quote or arrangements are made with your client.

Tekapo Airport June 2013

The airfield is also available by prior arrangement for other commercial activity such as filming, research projects etc. We can offer considerable support and have plenty of space for short or long term projects. Access is direct off State Highway 8, 4km south of the Lake Tekapo Township.

You can contact us on +64 3 680 6880 or on our enquiries form.

If you are flying in, here are some handy tips before your arrival:

  • The Lake Tekapo Airport is situated within the Mt Cook Area MBZ and the frequency is 118.6.
  • Caution the the Mackenzie heliport (NZTP) is located 1.5NM to the southwest of the airport.
  • The MBZ frequency can be quite busy and covers a large mountainous area both sides of the Main Divide. As a result most calls are heard by traffic at high level and it is important to keep calls clear and concise so as to minimise the disturbance to other aircraft.
  • Air Safaris aircraft will often keep to a schedule so where safe to do so please give way to these aircraft.
  • If safe to do so please join the airport overhead.
  • There is a 1.40 slope on the runway, downward on 11 and upwards on 29.
  • Wires run parallel to the highway northwest of the airport. Pilots should be aware of these both after take off on 29 and when landing on 11.
  • Make an early go around decision if unhappy with the approach.
  • The strip is quite narrow so keep it straight.
  • We have runway lights either side of the runway so please use turnaround bays at either end.
  • Talk to ground staff to ensure you know where to park.
  • Z energy is the only fuel provider at the airport, it requires you to have a 4 digit pin on your fuel card.
  • Lake Tekapo Airport is NZ’s highest registered airport at 2496ft so please be aware their may be some performance issues with your aircraft.
  • Use full length of the runway for either takeoff 11 or 29.
  • Landing fees apply.


Below are the current AIP for the airfield and a cutout of the current VNC.

2015 Vol 4 Lake Tekapo Adobe Acrobat Document, 282 KB

2013 VNC (Guide only, not to be used for navigation) Adobe Acrobat Document, 931 KB

Above all, have a great flight. The team are always here to help.