Winter Sunset Flights

Air Safaris is happy to offer some special sunset flights for groups in one of our Gippsland Airvans during the upcoming winter months. During the months of May to August, we are offering a special rate to hire an entire aircraft for groups of up to 6 people to take an extraordinary 45 to 50 minute scenic flight during sunset hours to Mt Cook and the West Coast.

This differs from our normal Grand Traverse flight as it is set up so you can have your own aircraft for you and your friends or colleagues to share together. All seats in the aircraft are window seats, so each person will get maximum benefit of the viewing conditions. The flight route also differs slightly from our Grand Traverse flight in that we will head directly to the west coast and spend more time in the area which is lit majestically by the setting of the evening sun from the western horizon.

Highlights Include:

  • Mt Cook and Mt Tasman
  • The Tasman Glacier
  • The Hochstetter Icefall and Grand Plateau
  • The Franz Josef and Fox glaciers
  • The “Main Divide” or Southern Alps
  • West Coast rainforest and coastline
  • The Tasman Sea, looking west at the setting sun
  • Lake Tekapo and village
  • Local sheep stations and glacial moraine

Departures will be scheduled to make the most of the setting sun, and will depart approximately 1 hour before the official evening civil twilight (ECT) on that day, or earlier if you prefer. The flight is only available from our base in Lake Tekapo, and is subject to suitable weather conditions on the day. You will be limited to a maximum of 6 people in your group.

To make a booking, or to ask a questions about this experience, please Contact Us directly, or use the “Enquire Now” form link on the right.

Total Cost: $1950

Some examples of what you are likely to encounter, dependent on exact weather conditions on the day: